This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lovely Wednesday

Yo my friends,

Well we did quite a bit of revamping and got rid of a few things - only 2 more storage areas inside the RV to be done and we'll do those tonight.  Most of the outside storage areas are all set but could use a bit of straightening up!!!!  :>)

We took a ride to another Amish community - about 1/2 hour from our site and enjoyed some beautiful farm scenery on the drive.  We found a great coffee shop where they roast their own coffee and we both had a mocha and a treat (homemade of course!!!)

Following a couple of photos of our new cabinet doors - cherry wood - they really look great and give a sense of richness to the interior of the coach.

Entertainment center with 32" TV and surround sound and smoked glass

Cabinets over sink

Once again rain in the forecast but we have been lucky in that anytime rain has been forecast since we have been in Elkhart it happens either at night of just a light shower of two during the day.

We are told that the remainder of our "punch list" items are to be finished tomorrow - including the two missing bathroom cabinets.  I'm glad I use an electric razor as without a mirror I'd probably cut my nose off!!!!   :>(

Called the Sam's Club Pharmacy and my NM Dr. called in my Rx so we'll go pick that up tomorrow or Friday, as well as some food shopping so we are stocked up for our departure on Monday morning.  Still have not determined where we will be headed or which states we will go through but based on our direction (Florida), it most likely will be Kentucky and Tennessee and maybe Alabama. 
I was stationed in Biloxi Miss. (1959 - 1960) while in the Air Force  and I loved the beaches in Mobile Alabama so we may stay in that area a couple of nights.

Well, take care my friends and have a great evening!

JR      :>)