This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Night 1 at Prophetstown State Park

Good morning blog buddies,

Well we slept like babies last night - woke up every two hours - just kidding!!!!  Around 5 this morning what I call a "power shower" came through - this is where is rains real hard for about 3 minutes - they seem to have a lot of these in this part of the country!

We had planned on driving around today and checking out a few things.  Right here in Battlefield they have a WOLF PARK - dedicated to improving the lives of wolves in captivity and in the wild through behavioral research and education.  They even have a night during the week whereby they open the park and have a HOWL WITH THE WOLVES session.  The wolves of course howl at night so the audience can howl back and they say the wolves actually respond to the howls!
How cool is that!!!!!!

Looks like a mostly cloudy day with off and on "power showers"  so perhaps today will be a painting and writing day for us - time will tell.  Having "down days" is good for us as we tend to "be on vacation" too much of the time.  We are starting to get out of the constant vacation mode and more into a normal mode like you folks who are living in a "sticks & bricks" home.  (Well maybe not that boring!!)  It gets very expensive being on vacation all the time.  We always try to look for free things to do but the long and short of it is if we find a "free thing" to do we always seem to stop for a mocha and treat and the day ends up costing us $15 or so!!!  OH yes --- we rationalize "that was our lunch" REGARDLESS - it still cost $15!!!!  We could have returned to the RV and made a sandwich for about $.79 cents each!!!!!!   :>)  

We are actually quite frugal and for the most part keep to our budget.  We like everyone rob from Peter to pay Paul and if the gas expense is low because we stayed in one place longer, we apply some of those $'s to something else - like a treat or some entertainment.  At the end of the month if we come out overall ahead of our budget - we SMILE!!!!

   :>)  :>) 

(Dick & Melissa smiling!!!!)

I think I will make a batch of brownies and in between the next "power showers" I'll run out to the car and gather my painting gear.  There is no room to keep some of it in the RV so with the back seats folded down the back of the car makes a nice storage area for "stuff" like this.

So until next post - enjoy the day - be happy - smile and say YO to a passer by!!!!

JR     :>)