This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well, we spent most of the afternoon over at NEXUS and we believe that all the warranty work has been completed.  We will be here until Monday morning and will check out, use - reuse - use - reuse over and over again all of the corrected items to make sure they are working as they are designed to do.  It's been a long process - when we leave, we will have been here 2 weeks.  A total of 5 weeks have elapsed - we were here for 1 week and then went to England for 2 weeks and we have been here going on two weeks now 1+2+2=5.

Now onto bigger and better things and places with a new fresh outlook that all will be fine and smooth sailing for a long-long time.  An RV mechanic once told us that for the first 6 months things go wrong with both new and used RVs - after that nothing seems to go wrong for 5-6 years.  I hope and pray that we are starting the 5-6 year period of nothing going wrong!!!!

So tomorrow we start fresh with new attitudes and a bright outlook as to things going smooth as a new born baby's butt!!!!

Tomorrow - rain is predicted and we have errands to do so rain is OK.  In the afternoon it will be nice to just lay around and relax.  I may even finish the painting I started several days ago.

Take care my friends and enjoy life.

JR      :>)