This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, September 3, 2012


Yo Blog buddies,

Well this morning we walked along the Mersey River and got some coffee and a muffin.  At 10am we got a taxi over to the Blue Coat School and were met by 3 officials and given a tour of the school.  I'm sure you guys can remember that Melissa's mother attended this school for about 3 years.  When the 2nd world war heated up she was evacuated to Beaumaris.  Tomorrow the 73 anniversary of the evacuation we will also evacuate Liverpool and journey to Beaumaris.

Here are some photos of our journey today.

View from our hotel room 

Some of the local buildings

DW enjoying coffee this morning

Some more of the local Liverpool buildings

Our hotel

A splash of color of course

Clock tower at the Blue Coat School

Front entrance of Blue Coat School

Some more photos of the Blue Coat School

Small cruise ship on the Mersey river.  This is not the cleanest river - and is very muddy - there is a local saying - if you fall into the Mersey you will be poisoned to death before you drown!!! 

Melissa at the Mersey

This was the headquarters for the shipping company who designed and built the Titanic!!!!  For some reason they went out of business!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the visit to Liverpool - tomorrow off to Beaumaris.

JR      :>)