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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tweaking the last Quebec painter style

Yo my friends,

Well I tried baking brownies again!!!!!    :>(   CRAP!!!!!

Ovens in RVs SUCK!!!!!  You of course are not told about this.  Everything we try to bake is burnt on the bottom!!!!!!!  BURNT BROWNIES - ARE CRAP!!!!!  I read an article on line whereby if you put an unglazed tile under the item being cooked - the oven will no longer burn the bottom!  Sounds logical EH!!!  Well, it worked very nicely on pizza but on brownies not so much!!!!  I cooked the brownies a total of 15 minutes longer than called for and the middle is still SLOPPY!!!!  Also the standard oven is SO SMALL you could not cook a baby quail in it - their is no height at all!!!!!  Pizza, flat bread - cookies is about all - assuming you want BURNT BOTTOMS!  If you are going to buy an RV here is my recommendation:

Do not buy a micro wave

Do not get the standard crap-o-la oven.


1.  A convection over over the stove - in place of the micro wave - buy a good one!!!

2.  Get a built in counter top 3 burner stove top

3.  Have a cabinet put in under the stove top for storage

Convection ovens are not cheap - you're looking at $700 - $1,000 for a good one.  We may put one in at a later date.  For now we'll get a crock pot!!!!

So much for the Cooking RV Network-------------

In between watching the brownies not burn on the bottom but yet retaining a very sloppy center,  I did some TWEAKING of one of the last paintings I did - the Quebec Painter style.  As you may remember I was not happy with the foreground so I put in a new foreground!!!!  Some people think TWEAKING is the art of FIXING MISTAKES in a painting - I like to look at it as the art of IMPROVING a painting!    :>)

I remember a good friend of mine who is a professional painter told me --------

"If you do a painting that you do not like 100% then you should call it a STUDY!!"

Well I'm here to tell you that I have sold a lot of STUDIES in my painting career!!!!!

Very seldom does a painter do a painting that they are 100% happy with - if so, I would guess room for improvement would not exist!!!!  There is always room for improvement in pretty much anything a person does.

First I want to show you the Golds Gym step aerobic step Melissa bought which takes the place of a $150 set of electric stairs attached to the RV!!!!  It cost like $35 in Walmart!


Went for a walk this morning - very grey day but very little rain  :>)

This is the bath house ( if needed ) at the campground - very nice - nice and clean and rather large as well.

OK - now for the TWEAKED  Peggy's Cove painting in the 
Quebec painters style - or my attempt at that style. 

Some people ask me "How can you find the room to paint in your RV??"

It's easy - my area to paint is about 4 feet long by 2 feet wide - I also use the kitchen counter top at the sink.  This still leaves about a 2 foot pathway for Melissa to walk - which I will add that she just came thru my STUDIO - took a big chunk of the brownies I baked and said:

"WOW - these are really GOOD"


My studio space facing the front of our RV

The chair to the right is a club chair that becomes a "catch all" for stuff as it is right next to the entry door - we try to keep it clean and sometimes we actually succeeded!!!!   :>)  

OK enough about our day!!!!

Later my friends

JR       :>)