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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leveler System KA-PUT!!!!!

Yo my friends,

Well, after having the leveler system replaced just before we left for England, and testing it several times since we returned from England, IT HAS STOPPED WORKING!!!!!!!!  :>(
We have DEMANDED that it be REMOVED from our RV and our purchase price be refunded!!!

The system is going to be removed and our full purchase price will be refunded.

As a point of clarity, this leveler system is manufactured and installed by a company other than NEXUS.

Before having the replacement system installed we reached an agreement with the President of NEXUS that should the replacement system FAIL - our full purchase price would be refunded!   I will say that NEXUS being a responsible company and one that wants to exceed in customer service realizes that when a problem arises, they need to step up to the bar and do what is not only right but what is required.  I applaud them for this as it is not a virtue that one finds in many companies today!!!!

So, a busy day - plus 5 loads of laundry and finding and purchasing a new GPS and a computer printer!

Later folks as we are sort of tired today - too much - too much - too much!!!!

JR    :>)