This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, September 7, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well after a wonderful breakfast at our B&B, we walked around Beaumaris and had sort of a farewell day to Beaumaris.  Our stay here has been wonderful and fully enjoyed.  A few parting photos.

The town of Beaumaris has one main street - this shot is looking down it one way

This shot is looking down it in the other direction

A splash of color of course

On the day we arrived here - this past Tuesday, we were greeted by the Mayor of Beaumaris and had lunch with other town officials and the folks from the Blue School organization  in this building

This is the "date stone" of the above building which is over the front door and yes - your eyes are seeing correctly - 1603 !!!!!!!!

My DW Melissa with the Beaumaris Castle behind

Low tide on the Menai Strait

A lovely tea room we went to several times

The main reason I put on some weight while here for 3 days!!!!

Some side streets in Beaumaris

Another splash

Some wild blackberries

One of the many grave stones at the church across from our B&B - each one tells a story

Well, we will bid Beaumaris farewell tomorrow morning - a visit that will be in our memory for all time.  Hope you enjoyed.

Our stay in London tomorrow night will be at the same "posh" hotel we stayed in when we began this trip almost 2 weeks ago.  A very lovely "British" hotel.  

JR    :>)