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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lunch & Conversation

Yo my friends,

Well - we had a lovely lunch with Donna & Stu and did a lot of RV-talking and story telling of different adventures we all had on the road.  It's good to talk RV "STUFF" over with other RV-ers
A problem with such and such that one person may of had could come in handy if you have a problem with the same such and such.  

I was trying to adjust the locking device for one of my underneath storage bins and the fellow next to us was watching.  He came over and said "instead of trying to adjust it, just use a pair of pliers and bend the locking piece out a bit."  I did that and sure enough the locking device works much better now and his method was much easier!!!!

It's a shame that RV parts manufacturers can't be regulated.  For example the keys that unlock most of the under storage containers are the same key and the same lock for the majority of RVs produced!!!  In other words pretty much anyone in the RV park can unlock my storage compartments and I can unlock theirs.  So the best rule is not to leave anything of value in these compartments.  Some supplies - case or two of water - or diet soda but never the family jewels!!!!

Some day I'd like to go to a lock smith and see if new locks could be installed with their own separate set of keys - also a more expensive locking mechanism as the standard ones are quite cheap and need adjusting all the time.  So I follow my own rule and keep only incidentals in these underneath storage compartments.

We had a squall come thru today wind - hail - lots of rain!!!!  :>O 

Very happy to report that our slide out did not leak!!!!  These guys at NEXUS are great!

The skies are blue now with only a few clouds.  We leave on Monday morning and are hoping for good driving weather as driving a big RV in the rain is not very much fun!

Well not much else for today - tomorrow Pre-Departure chores ( I did some of them today ) and may do a few more later this afternoon.

So take care my friends and as they say in Santa Fe - LATER DUDES!!!!!!

JR     :>)