This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well!!!!!!! Another cloudy day!!!!!!

Yo my friends,

Well it seems Mother Nature is paying us back for all the glorious sunny days she has given us. Oh well!!!

As long as it does not rain today we will tour about the area and I'd like to go see the wolves.  It is only $7 per person for a guided tour which should be fun.  We will also venture into Prophetstown Historic Village which costs a few $ to get into.  It is set up as a Native American village and historic farm setting - should be interesting.  They are dedicated to preserving the Prophetstown area and the State Park we are staying in.

We'll have a few chores to do relative to our leaving here tomorrow morning so we really hope the rain holds off as most of these chores are outside chores!!!!!  Our next journey takes us a bit further south with a one night stay before we reach our next destination where we will stay for a few more days.

If Mother Nature totally does not cooperate with the rain then I may work up a still life painting.

It is about 54 degrees outside so not a warm morning but far from chilly  The sun does look like it wants to break thru the clouds so time will tell I guess.  We are in a meandering mode, just making our way down to Florida so we can take our time as we travel along.

OK - my friends - smile - be happy and enjoy life.

JR    :>)