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This Land is My Land


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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday in Elkhart Indiana

Yo Blog Buddies,

Well - we had some rain last night and today appears that it will be partly sunny - sort of is the glass half full or half empty????  I like to say partly sunny instead of partly cloudy - I like the positive approach better!!!

Well - the new cabinet doors did not come in so this idiot vendor was told where he could put the doors!!!  The next attempt at new doors has been put in process from a different vendor and we are told these doors will come in on Tuesday.  It was not specified which Tuesday ---- such as in September of October or------------.  It amazes us that the integrity of the working force within the RV industry is so unaware of commitments as well as quality of work.  RV manufacturers at at the mercy of these jackasses!!!!!  Finding good quality craftsmanship in America today in general is almost impossible!!!!!  Most household products today as well as RV products are built to wear out in 5 - 7 years and we the people just keep buying & buying & buying AIN'T WE STUPID!!!!

We buy, so of course the manufacturers will continue to produce crap consisting of inferior plastic parts and rack up the high profits.

Soooooo that said and I just said it - our defunct leveler system MAY be taken out today - time will tell!!  We want a commitment from the vendor as to the time or otherwise we will end up sitting in his dirty, dingy, dark workshop for hours after hour after hour!

We should also find out today as to the feasibility and cost of installing 4 scissor jacks to replace the defunct leveler system.  This is a manual system for leveling and stabilizing the RV - that said, we would much rather have an automatic system but are very gun shy now of any automatic system.  I think perhaps the world as become too "AUTOMATIC" and needs to go back to the reliable MANUAL systems - grease them and use them.  We hope this alternative will work for our RV.

Sooooo - perhaps a busy day today - not to mention that we need to get some food into the RV so we can start eating better and stop spending money on restaurants - I also need to make an appointment for the Honda Fit for the 10,000 mile checkup - found a dealer in Elkhart so that should be easy to do.

Busy-Busy-Busy - RV living is not all vacation!  :>( 

Have a great day my friends and get ready for a nice weekend - enjoy and relax!!!!

Later my friends,

JR       :>)