This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yo my friends,

I decided to finish up the painting that I started a while back.  This is another good thing about RV-living - you can do what you want as no house to scrape and paint - now grass to mow - no leaves to rake etc etc!!!!!!  This is the painting of the abandoned house in Peggy's Cove NS.  A million $ view and it's just sitting there and being left to decay with time!  Sinful!!!!!

I did not make the house look as derelict as it does in real life as I thought that would be like rubbing salt into the wound!

This is where I left it a few weeks ago:

You might remember that I thought it was kind of a "tight" painting and I wanted it to be looser.  So while I finished it today, I loosened it up somewhat and I'm happier with it now.  I do plan on doing it again in even a looser style - that of my friends the"PAINTERS OF QUEBEC"

This is the finished painting after loosening it up a tad - more to my liking.

This is on heavy linen paper using Chroma Interactive Acrylics which I consider the best paint in the world!!!!

The next one of this scene will be (I hope) looser and in the Quebec' style- I will try and show this in a working sequence as it develops.


JR    :>)