This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday - our 4th day in Elkhart

Yo my friends,

Well today our 4th day in Elkhart.  The new cabinet doors were suppose to arrive yesterday - NOPE!!!
The new cabinet doors were suppose to arrive a noon today - NOPE!!!

We have asked NEXUS to tell the cabinet door company to SHOVE THE DOORS and have them made at a different company!!!


We are going to vacate the NEXUS parking lot later today and go to the Elkhart Campground where we have stayed before.  In this way, we will have full facilities - water - electricity and sewer - which we need to empty our tanks at this time anyways.

We'll have to bring the RV back to NEXUS each day for the completion of the warranty work - but that's a small penalty to pay for better living conditions.  Either tomorrow or early next week we will go to White Pigeon Michigan to have the leveler system completely removed from our RV.

Well, rain is predicted for this area over the next couple of days - which will be OK as we need to reorganize our storage in and under the RV.

Take care my friends - the way things are going or are NOT going depending on your view, we may be in Elkhart through next week!!!!!!.  :>(

JR    :>)