This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well, we toured part of the town today and what a lovely town it is.  We took a long tour of the Beaumaris Castle and then went down to the park area overlooking the  Menai Strait and sat on a park bench and put our feet up and enjoyed the sunshine.  All in all a beautiful day!!!

Some photos of our journey today.

First off, the sunset from our hotel room on our last night in Liverpool:

This church is directly across the street from our B&B and come to find out it is the church that the Blue Coat school children (including Melissa's) mom were marched to each Sunday for services

Homes along the Menai Strait

The grave stone ( we believe ) of the woman that housed Melissa's Mom for 10 months while she was in Beaumaris

The Menai Strait

Homes overlooking the Menai Strait

A splash of color of course!! 

The Beaumaris Castle

Melissa defending the castle

Pasture land behind the castle

The Menai Strait

Soaking her feet in the waters of the Menai Strait - Melissa's mom used to run across the street, across the park area and swim in the Menai Strait

Of course - as is normal - a splash of color!!!!  :>)

Hope you enjoyed our tour of parts of Beaumaris as much as we did - more tomorrow.  Tonight we are walking up the street and going to a restaurant our inn keeper suggested - "Sailors Return"  I've been enjoying the "fish & chips" and shall get that for my meal tonight!!

Until next post, enjoy your days and make the most of every day.

JR     :>)