This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The day in general - Saturday 9/15/12

Yo my friends,

Well, got the printer hooked up and realized I needed a USB cable to load up the software - so off to the store for that!  Got the USB and read the install instructions for the software.  It said for a wireless connection I must know my Network Name (SSID) and Network Password.  HOLY CRAP what does that mean???
Soooooo we have hit a road block in the installation of the new printer until I try and find out what in the hell they are talking about!!!!  :>(

Our RV does not have steps to make the entry into/out of it easier.  So we looked into getting electric steps.  Come to find out the steps would hang too low under the RV and it could be possible for them to get hung up on a speed bump or for that matter any rise in the road/ground surface.  They would have only been 6 inches off the road surface.  It seem the NEXUS RVs are lower to the ground than normal.

Being 72 and with creaking hips,(although the energy of a 15 year old) a step up device would be easier getting in and out of the RV door.
WELL--------my DW Melissa saved the day and bought a "step aerobics" platform and it works perfectly!!!!!  It cost $35 at WallyLand and the electric step would have been $100 - AIN'T SHE SMART!!!!!

Going to sit outside now under our awning as it is a beautiful day and I think we my both take a nap!!!  It is 2:41 and to snooze for an hour or so will feel good.

Later my buddies,

JR   :>)