This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, September 14, 2012

Elkhart Campground

Hi Folks,

A few pictures of our spot in the Elkhart Campground - Elkhart Indiana:

YES - That is our slide out in the OUT position!!!!!
So far so good - goes in and out with no problems!!!

The DREAMCATCHER in it's spot looking PROUD!!!!!

This is a nice campground - we really like it here - 

Today was a beautiful day - nice sunshine and blue skies with a few clouds - so mostly sunny

We got a rest today from the RV repair world - waiting for things to be done but watching nothing  being done!!  We have a 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!!

Come Monday, we will meet with the scissor jack guy at 10 am and then at 1pm we need to be at the leveler factory to have the leveler system removed!!!!!  AT LAST!!!!  ONE BIG HEADACHE WILL BE GONE!!!!

So we will enjoy the weekend and have some down time - perhaps some writing for Melissa and some painting for me - time will tell.  It is just nice to not be thinking and talking about RV problems and RV this and RV that --- RV - RV this and that!!!!!

I've got an appointment for a 10,000 mile check up for the Honda Fit at 9am Tuesday - so that will be another item to check off the list TO DO!

Enjoy your weekend my friends!

JR    :>)