This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another day in Beaumaris Wales

Yo my friends,

The breakfast the B&B serves is great.  Fruit to start off, as well as yogurt and juice and coffee.  Followed by eggs any style, bacon, sausage and toast.  A good start to the day!!!

Today we will walk around more of the town and go into more of the shops and galleries.  We have a few gifts to buy for folks and perhaps some small things for ourselves.

We had a great dinner last night at "Sailors Return" just a 3 minute walk up the street from our B&B.  Great fish and chips and Melissa got a nice lamb dish - we split a dessert.  London and Bath and Liverpool were on the expensive side - Beaumaris has a lower cost for restaurant food and other things.

Time is winding down - as we leave here on Saturday for London - fly to Boston on Sunday and fly back to Elkhart Indiana on Monday.  We hope to find the repairs all competed and our RV ready for us to occupy.  As mentioned before, we will stay in Elkhart for several days checking everything out and leave when satisfied that all is in working order.  The folks at NEXUS are quite responsive so we feel confident that all will be well.

OK - time to head downstairs for our B&B breakfast and then back to the sidewalks of Beaumaris Wales.

Later my friends.

JR     :>)