This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello my friends,

Well, here we sit in Kentucky in a Sam's parking lot for the night.  You can't beat the nightly rental - IT"S FREE!!!!!!!  That's about a $35 savings over renting at a campground!!!!   :<)

We bought a few needed items in Sam's as well as a pizza for supper!  We are running our generator so we can have electrical power and keep our batteries charged.  The generator runs off the gas in gas tank in the truck and the generator will shut off when the truck's gas tank reaches 1/4 full.  We filled up at the Sam's club gas station and I would not expect us to us more than 1/8 of a tank of gas as we will only keep the generator on until 9 PM or so.

We were also able to bring in 8 TV stations so we have TV well!!!!!!  For WiFi we are using Melissa's iphone Verizon hot spot.

So all is comfortable and we'll set back out on the road tomorrow morning.  Not sure how far we will go - it depends on the road - traffic - weather.  Ahhhhhhhhh the life of a vagabond!!!!

I have problems with accents - especially British - Irish - Scottish and various accents within the USA.  I have to tell you I have no idea what these people in Kentucky are saying.!!!!!!!!!  They are friendly and smile and say hello but after that - SWOOSH  THE WORDS FLY OVER THE TOP OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!

A generator needs to be "exercised" under 1/2 load for about 1/2 hour every week or every other week.  I have not been doing this as all the campgrounds we've stayed in will not allow the use of generators!!!!
I recently found out that you can run your generator while driving down the highway - so that is what we will do from now on, for a half hour or so with the A/C and refrig on. 

There are 2 other RVs in the parking lot so we have company.  It is common practice for local police to check the parking lots when they see RVs spending the night - we have a interior alarm so we feel secure in Sam's parking lot or in an RV park

Well my computer needs to charge some more so until the next post-------------------------

JR      :>)