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This Land is My Land


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Monday, September 17, 2012

Back at NEXUS

Yo my blog buddies,

Well here we sit in the NEXUS lounge once again - very comfortable - nice leather furniture - TV - WiFi - diet cokes.  We are here to meet with the LiftCo Rep. at 10am to go over the feasibility of putting scissor jacks on our RV to replace the defunct leveler system.
As mentioned we would rather have automatic levelers but if they don't work 99% of the time the word automatic is lost in the definition of said such product!!!  :>)
The scissor jacks are manual but most of our next 6 months of RV park stays will be a resort type parks and should have quite level cement pads to park our baby on!!!  The manual part will only be a PITA when we are not level and it is raining out!!!!  I vote for waiting for the rain to stop before trying to level up!!!!!  :>) 

When we got here this morning we had a very nice surprise -----------


They were not scheduled to arrive until tomorrow but they came in a day early.  We checked them out and they look very nice - so much better than the first set which the finish started to come off and they started to fade quite a bit.  Cherry by nature darkens with age for the first year so we knew something was wrong.  This is a new company that Nexus has started using with much better results than the previous company.  Oddly - Nexus offers two finishes - cherry and maple.  The only one that they had the problems with were the cherry finished ones.

At 12:30 today we travel over to White Pigeon Michigan (about 1/2 hour from here) and get the leveler system taken out of the RV.  After having the system completely replaced and having it start to malfunction again, we have no faith that having a 3rd system installed would result in any different outcome - so we chose to eliminate the problem all together.

Welllllllll - ain't I wordy this morning!!!!!!!  We've been here a week now and not too much progress has been made on our punch list but it seems today things will start to CRANK UP A NOTCH!!!!!!

We plan on being here in Elkhart until next Sunday so we have this whole week to check out all the replacements/repairs done before we move on to our journey to a restful winter in Florida.

Temps are again cool this morning - 41 degrees and the locals feel we may get a FROST this week.
The dew has been very heavy the last 2  - 3 mornings, and we all know what happens to dew when the temps drop!!!!!  IT FREEZES - YUK YUK!!!!!!!

OK the Liftco guy should be here soon.

Later my friends.

JR     :>)