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This Land is My Land


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Friday, September 21, 2012


Yo my blog buddies,

Some times words can be misleading and sometimes words can be misread.

"You've been in their parking lot for 5 weeks waiting for repairs???!!!???"

In one of my last recent postings I mentioned that our RV has been at NEXUS for 5 weeks.
I also made it known that 2 of those 5 weeks we were in Jolly Old London on vacation.

We spent one week at Nexus before departing for our 2 week vacation in London and we have been back now for almost two weeks.  I even did the math  1 + 2 + 2 = 5  The middle 2 represents our two weeks in Jolly Old England.

For those of you who know me, you know that nobody other than my wonderful wife Melissa would put up with me for 5 weeks!!!!!!  Some people think I'm anal and there are others who think I'm a pain in the anal!!!!~!!!!!!!  :>)

Sooooo in the NEXUS parking lot for 5 weeks - NO - DUH!!!!!!!  We only spent a total of 3 nights in the NEXUS parking lot - (IT'S FREE!!!!!!)  The rest of the time when not in ENGLAND FOR 2 WEEKS, was spent at the Elkhart Campground which is quite nice!

All our warranty work is done and we are very happy with the work done by NEXUS.  They addressed all our issues and corrected each one, not only the items that they owned but the very large items that were manufactured and installed by other vendors.

After you buy a product - any product - not just an RV - what counts is the SERVICE received after the sale.  NEXUS prides themselves on SERVICE and by golly SERVICE they do provide!!

Now for the time factor - the actual 3 (THREE) weeks we spent in Elkhart with our RV.  Could that time have been shorter?????  OF COURSE!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh in enters the
HOWEVER---------  All of our cabinet doors had to be replace due to a manufacturer (other than NEXUS) had somehow incorrectly applied the finish to our cherry cabinets and the finish was wearing off.  18 doors plus a big tall pantry door plus the cherry panels for the refrigerator and freezer as well as several drawer fronts.  The new doors take about 2 weeks to be ordered and make.  However the first set of newly made doors did not pass the test of quality and NEXUS would not accept them!!!  A 2nd set of doors had to be ordered!!!!  So 2 weeks were lost on this one item.  Sooooo could the time spent here have been shorter????  OF COURSE - but it wasn't shorter due to an outside vendor mess up.

I'm glad NEXUS is on my side as they could have just slapped on the unacceptable doors and sent us on our way.  This would have been LIP SERVICE and this my friends would not have been CUSTOMER SERVICE OR QUALITY OF PRODUCT which is what NEXUS stands for.

Now - with all due respect to the locals of Elkhart - Elkhart is not the most exciting place to spend time!!!!  The two extra weeks we spent here may have been more enjoyed elsewhere - however that said and I just said it - at a maximum of 10 miles per gallon and close to $4.00 per gallon gas prices staying put in Elkhart saved us quite a bit of money!!!!!!

So I guess the lesson here is that reading comprehension is very important - at my age I find I sometimes have to read things twice so I'm sure I understand the message being presented.  On occasion I read things a third time with a magnifying glass as my eye sight ain't what it used to be or they are using smaller print now!!!  :>)

Any-hoo my friends our RV is all fixed - we are as snug as can be inside - it's raining outside - our heat is on 72 degrees nice and toasty unfortunately no cookies in the oven!

Take care and enjoy life.

JR     :>)