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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Agricenter International RV Park Review

Agricenter International
Memphis TN.

This RV park is basically in an open sort of "fair ground" field.  Some of the sites have full hookup and others do not.  The sites are quite a bit un-level - at least ours was - which presented quite a problem getting our RV level.

There are no amenities to speak of - no pool - WiFi must be paid for.  We were able to pickup about 12 TV stations with our antenna.

With a my senior' discount we paid $25 a night with full hookups.  Although we had full hookup, the sewer connections was about 20 feet away so we could not hook up to it.  We had to empty our tanks on our way out of the park when leaving.

There are other RV parks in Memphis and there is one just across the street from Graceland - Graceland RV Park - so it might be good to check their rates as well as others.

There appears to be some people staying here year round and their sites are rather seedy and ill kept with junk outside their RVs which detracts from the overall park.

UGHhhhhhh - YUKkkkkkkkk

Some views of the park

RVDREAMS sitting in her spot nice and clean and neat - lookin' pretty as a picture!!

We would give this park a rating of 3.  Would we return again NO.

Actually we took some photos of the Ugggggg residents and plan on sending them along with a complaint to the Argicenter management.

Well hope you enjoyed my description of our journey to the Civil Rights Museum.
Heading out early and if we can get WiFi at WalMart in Mississippi - I'll blog Y'all.

JR       :>) 

On a scale of 1-10 - I would rate this place a 4.

It was OK for two nights.  Would we stay here again - NO.