This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yo Buddies,

Well, it's 7:02 am and the first round of fighter jets just went overhead!!!!!  Much better alarm clock then a rooster!!!!  :>)  

Fort Pickens is about a mile or so up the road -pretty much at the end of this barrier island -  it was vacated long ago and is falling victim to the weather and the salt air.  They have daily tours of the fort and I think today we may take one of those tours.

As with any home, we have a few RV related chores today and after the fort tour we are thinking some relaxing on the beach again.  it's a dirty job --- but someone has to do it!!!!!   :>)  

During our travels through Pensacola, we found a nice restaurant - Hemingway's Grill.   Every Wednesday from 4 - 6 pm they have fish tacos for $1.00 - YES MY FRIENDS $1.00 EACH!!!!!  I love fish tacos if prepared properly - that is the fish is lightly browned in a pan ---  NOT DEEP FRIED!!!!!!
We plan on being there at 3:45 just in case there is a line!!!!

The sun is out again today - the weather has been FANTASTIC since our arrival this past Sunday - although they are talking about a possible bit of showers tomorrow - which is fine as I want to get some painting done while we are here!!!  It has gotten up into the low 80's - very high 70's during the day and drops to the high 60's at night which is great for sleeping  no complaints here!

Well my friends have a great day and remember smile as the day will be over before you know it and there will be another box of chocolates to open!!!!   :>)

JR   :>)