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This Land is My Land


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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yo Blog buddies,

Well, we went over to Graceland and it was quite an experience.  Was it worth the entrance fee????
Actually NO!  The admission was $36 per person PLUS $10 to park - that is $82 -- HOLY CRAP!!!!!
If you are a total devoted Elvis fan then maybe you won't mind the price of admission.  Are we glad we went YES!!!  :>)

It is all very interesting - the house is beautiful on the outside but the inside is dark and old and depressing - of course it goes back many years and has been maintained in its original state.  The upstairs is not allowed to be visited - that is the Elvis bedroom and other rooms.  They say it is this way out of respect for Elvis (??????)

It is a BIG BUSINESS operation - all kinds of trinkets to buy - from look alike Elvis clothing to base balls with Elvis on them - never have I seen such a commercialization of any person. Some one is making a fortune off THE KING!!!

Are we glad we went - YES!!!

The mansion - Graceland

Living room and baby grand

One of the downstairs bedroom


TV room

Pastures in back

Back of Graceland

His grave at Graceland

Famous pink Cadillac he gave to his mother

Hi airplane named after his daughter

Well--- tomorrow it's off to the Civil Rights Museum and the site of the Martin Luther King assignation.

Thus far, we would give Nashville a 10 and Memphis a 5

We went to Beale Street which is like the "HONKY TONK" section - Nashville's main street is sooooooo much better as far as thing to see & do and music to listen to and dives to eat in.

Well - until tomorrows blog - take care my friends.

JR      :>)