This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another down day

Good morning blog buddies,

Well last nite got quite cold - into the very low forties!!!!  Some arctic air from Canada found its way down here!  We leave here tomorrow morning and head out to Memphis - that will be about a 5 hour drive.  we'll stay there 2-3 days and then head down to Pensacola Florida for 2 weeks which begins our journey to Punta Gorda for a 2 month stay.  You will notice that our route is in the southern direction - they tell me that is where the warm weather is!   :>)     

Some "movin' on out" chores today to get the RV ready to hit the road.  The normal - check the tire pressure in the truck and the car - check all the fluid levels in both vehicles - get the propane filled - add 5 gallons of water to the fresh water tank so we have some water while on the road.  We don't drink the water out of our fresh water tank - hell it sits in there for weeks at a time - so it CAN'T BE ALL THAT FRESH!!!!!  We use it while on the road for hand washing and toilet flushing - it's great traveling with your own bathroom aboard - lots of rest stops we notice are closed down now (economy related.)

 I may do another barn painting today #2 in the series and Melissa plans to do more writing - so a nice quiet day consisting of some chores and some productive fun.

Lookin' forward to Memphis - my cousin Donna has been there and actually likes it better than Nashville - so we will check it out for a couple of days and of course see if ELVIS IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!

Enjoy your day my friends and remember whenever you can smile at the other people you meet and pass by - it will brighten up your day and their day.  Give them a BIG JR SMILE!!!!!!

JR      :>)