This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Well, we got the laundry done today and then hit the beach for several lovely hours.  We also went food shopping.  WOW - groceries down here in Pensacola are very - very expensive - outrageous as a matter of fact!!!!!

Well, it's a good chance to diet for two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :>) 

There are many beaches here on the gulf coast - it is one big long stretch of coast with powder white sand.  We have one favorite beach that we like and go to all the time - it is only a 5 minute drive from our camp site.

Some photos of our back yard.

Lots of sand dunes here

I feel a sand dune painting coming!!!

DW Melissa loves the ocean!!!!

This was my view for 3 hours today - cut off shorts and all!!!!

Hope you enjoyed your day at the beach today via my blog.  We went to Aruba for 20 years - sometimes one week - sometime for two or three weeks.  This beach and the ocean reminds us very much of Aruba - beautiful green/blue water crystal clear and long expands of beach.

Take care my friends and enjoy your week ahead.

JR      :>)