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This Land is My Land


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Friday, October 12, 2012


Yo Buddies,

Well - we went down to the Civil Rights Museum this morning and WOW!!!!!!  the price of admission was well worth !!!!!.  It is $13 per adult to get in and once again because of my senior' status y ticket was only $11 - a nice $2 savings!!!!

There is a 30 minute film at the beginning of the tour and that alone is worth the price of admission.  the exhibit itself is overwhelming in that there is soooooooo much to see.  Between the movie and the exhibit it was a very emotional experience and many of the ordeals endured by the "Negros" once put back into the front of ones mind - it was very sad and disheartening that "we the people" could treat other people in this manner.

So many brave people were part of that movement it was like being slapped in the face with history that many of us have forgotten since reading about it.  I'm sure there are many young people today who would not even understand what it was all about - if they even by chance know about it.

A well deserved slap in the face - those times are something that we the people should never forget about!!!

I did not take any photos in the museum itself as I felt it was too solemn an event that my photos could not add anything to the sorrow I was feeling.

We also got to view the rooms that Martin Luther King occupied just before being assassinated.

This is the Lorraine Motel where this tragic event happened.

A wreath hangs in front of rooms 306 & 307 occupied by Martin Luther King
He was shot while on the walkway in front of those rooms.  When shot he was standing just about where the wreath is placed.

If you get to Memphis - go see the Civil Rights Museum - you'll be glad you did.

JR     :>)