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This Land is My Land


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Monday, October 15, 2012


Hellos my buddies,


Forrest Gump

My box of chocolates:

This morning we had an appointment at an RV repair shop to get a warranty item that was not done in Indiana for reason that are so dumb I won't even mention them.  We got to the RV place around 9:30 am.  They took our RV and about 1 hour or so later came and said "YOU ARE ALL SET AND READY TO GO."  So we went.

This repair was determined to be installing a new $1.50 clamp on the water line going to our toilet.  Not brain surgery - as a matter of fact this repair was a bit easier then picking ones nose!!!!  Why wasn't it done in Elkhart???  I SAID WE WON'T GO INTO THAT!!!!!

The round trip drive to the RV repair place was about 40 miles round trip - or better equated approx. $20 in gas!!!!

We got back to our campsite - parked the RV - hooked up the electrical and the water.
In the time it took to walk around the RV and into the RV, back to the bathroom the bathroom floor had flooded - water was flowing like a garden hose!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!

It took 4 bath towels and 1 roll of paper towels to SOP up all the water!

We called the RV repair place back - but they were OUT TO LUNCH!!!!  So we waited - called back after their lunchie - poo was over and they requested we bring our RV right back!!

Another $20 in GAS!!!!

Seems the RV tech who performed the no brain simple repair to the water line - did not check out his work!!!!!!!

The problem was fixed - he did not have the clamp attached properly - THIS IS A TRAINED FRIGGIN RV TECHNICIAN!!!!!

He was very apologetic and that was nice but for some reason it did not mean much!  I asked him if he learned anything and he said "Yes - I need to check out my work."  If he had given any other answer - I hate to think what I would have said.  He learned - I forgave!!

I also asked him to prove to me that it was FIXED!!!!!!  Because although I forgave him I DID NOT TRUST HIM!!!!

So our box of chocolates melted and our day turned into SOUR GRAPES and we lost $40!!!!!.

We got back to our RV spot hooked up and all was fine.

We went to the beach for about 1.5 hours which was like a 5 hour nap!!!

We learned a lesson as well - when having repairs done:

1.  Ask that the old parts be returned to you
2.  Ask that the packaging of the new parts be returned to you
3.  Ask the technician who did the repair to show you that it works

Then and only then are YOU ALL SET AND READY TO GO!!!!

John and his side-kick at NEXUS who totally rebuilt our slide out and I will say they are true PROFESSIONAL RV TECHS. With this exception, we have yet to experience an RV technician who could properly make the repairs necessary to our RV - this is over a 6 month period - not one single technician could perform his job with any degree of success!!!  I'm sure there are some other good RV techs out there like John and his side kick but we have yet to find one!

So my friends - tomorrow is another day - another box of chocolates!

JR      :>)