This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, October 8, 2012

YO my friends

Well, last night and early this morning we got some rain showers so Melissa & I decided to make this a "down day".  Melissa is writing and I decided to paint.  Quebec Canada - Old Quebec City is our most favorite place on the EARTH!!!!!1  Ile d' Oorlean is a small island off the coast of Old Quebec City in the middle of the ST. Lawrence River.  It has always been mostly farm land and of late that seems to be disappearing and the tourism life is starting to take over.  Being farm land for so many years, there are a lot of old barns that are just sitting and decaying with time.  Lots and Lots of them are right on the river and for all intents and purposes have a MILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ view!!!!!!!

Both Melissa and I hope and pray that some BIG CONDO BUILDER FROM NEW YORK CITY  does not come along - but up the land and MUCK it up with CONDOS!!!!!!  If that were to happen, it would no longer be our most favorite place on the EARTH!!!!!

Sooooo I've decided to do a series of Ile d' Orleans barns and started #1 today.  This will most likely get re-done as I'm not 100% happy with it so at this point we'll call it a STUDY!!!!!!!  :>)

This was done very quickly wet into wet on heavy linen paper 9 x 12
using Chroma Interactive Acrylics - with gusto and freedom of strokes


I feel I have to loosen this up some more and perhaps when I re-do it, it will be larger in size.
I look at it as an "arm limbering exercise"

I also need a new camera as this one is starting to take blurry photos!!!!!  :>(

Enjoy you week my friends!

JR         :>)