This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hello blog buddies,

Well today was another lazy day - sitting on our butts at the beach for 5 hours!!!  It was another perfect day with blue sky and not a single cloud.

The sky today - Hmmmmmm - just like yesterday!!!!!   :>)

Tonight we are having beans and hot dogs!  We do this in memory of Melissa's dad - Bob.  He loved his beans and hot dogs on Saturday nite - an old New England tradition of course!!

We found a Trader Joe's in TN and we just love Trader Joe's!!!!  We get their all natural 100% beef hot dogs UNCURED - NO NITRATES - NO  CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND!!!  It is the next best thing to going to a farm and biting a chunk off a cow!!!!

Tomorrow we move from the site we are in and move down the street a few sites.  We tried to get one site for the two weeks but had to settle for 2 different sites - not a problem - it takes about 15 minutes to move and get setup again.

We observed a wedding at the beach today around 4pm - about 30 people attended - right on the beach with white chairs set up for the guests - Never saw that before today.

The beach we go to has a pavilion with about 20 picnic tables in it and bathrooms as well.  Outside they have free standing showers with a tier of three nozzles - one for the feet - a middle one for little people and one up high for the adults.  They think of every thing here - it is quite the place!

We went up to the main strip today after the beach and bought a nice beach umbrella -  really needed, as the sun can get pretty intense so - better to be able to get into the shade.

Well, take care my friends and I'll blog Ya all tomorrow.

JR     :>)