This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, October 5, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well - day 2 in Nashville area.  We will go downtown today and check out some of the things we scoped out yesterday afternoon.  A fellow RV-er gave me a tip re: the best BBQ in TN!!!!  MARTINS BBQ
I checked out the web site an it looks great!!!  also it has been reviewed on Diners-Drive Ins & Dives.
i love baby back ribs and pulled pork so we will for sure be going to MARTINS BBQ!!!!!  Maybe twice!!!!!

The weather forecast is for showers Sat & Sun so we most likely will be ready for a "down day" for some painting and writing but we also have a few rainy day adventures planned.

We went over to the BBQ and music at the campground last nite.  The food did not look all that great - fried chicken (looked super market bought) - beans - pulled pork floating in a clear liquid (?????) and biscuits. Did not seem to be $9 worth.  so we skipped the food and we could hear the country western singer form our RV and he sounded real GOOD!

Thus far Nashville has been a great visit and we are looking forward to more sights to see and things to do.

The RV Park has THREE things going for it - LOCATION - LOCATION - LOCATION.  A hop - skip - and jump to downtown Nashville and the highway - it has a nice pool - and is a clean park.  The only complaint is the closeness of RVs to one another - the sites are not very wide so one neighbor is about 8' away and the other about 12' away.  The neighbor on one side left late yesterday so we have no one on that side which makes it nicer.  All in all - most RV Parks get as many sights as they can from the available land mass - the more they can fit in the more income - can't blame them as some places it is a very short season!!

Although it's a small RV park, it is quiet and that is a plus!

Well, got to get ready for our downtown journey and enjoy the city sights and "hot spots!!!"

Later my friends,

JR    :>)