This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big Brother

Yo my friends,

There is a site called - they are constantly on my rvpainter site which really irritates me.  I used to have ads on my blog from adsense for which I got pennies paid for clicks on the products they advertised.  One day I got an email telling me that I have be eliminated from the "adsense" program - no reason given and when I tried to contact them they would not reply!!!  Not only did the kick my butt off the program but I had well over $75 in accumulated "clicks" and they took that money away from me.  NOT SO MUCH AS A FRIGGIN REASON AS TO WHY!!!!


Ahhhhhhh - I feel better now - the nerve of these bozos.

Well another day of roaming about Destin Fl and other little communities in the area - there are some really-really nice seashore communities where houses/condos start at 1,500,000!!!!  I'm looking for a bank repro at about $76,000!!!!!   :>)

Well, tomorrow morning we move from here and drive about 250 - 300 miles to get to about half way to our destination of Punta Gorda.  So a few of the normal "get ready to roll" chores need to be done later this afternoon.  We are scheduled to stop overnight at a KOA near Gainsville Fl.

Some friends of ours who full time RV'd for a year or so reached Punta Gorda - bought a home - sold their RV and really like the area.  They are thinking of getting a smaller RV like ours and use that to leave Florida during the hot muggy summer and hurricane threatened time periods.  We are going to meet with the RE agent they used and have her search for places based on our criteria.  2 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths - nice neighborhood and say about 900 - 1,200 sq ft - short drive to beaches.  We'll see where it goes - no rush as we have a whole west coast journey planned starting around mid April 2013 which is when we will leave Florida after what we hope is a long warm- sunny winter       :>)         

OK - enough jibber/jabber - time to get the day going!!!!

JR      :>)