This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well today we had a few RV chores and then we went back to the Navel Air Museum.  There was an additional 50,000 sq ft to see that was not opened the day we went as the A/C was not working.  We saw that exhibit today which had to do with planes from Korea, Viet Nam and the Gulf War.

Today being Wednesday the Hemingway Bar & Grill has fish tacos for $1.00 each so we will be going there for an early supper.  Last time I had 5 and polished them off without a problem.  But I've been trying to lose a few pounds - 5 so far - so tonight I will only have 4 fish tacos!!!!   :>)
I lost the 5 pounds from giving up sweets - I was starting to eat way too many of them - I like could not NOT eat sweets - so just 10 days of NO SWEETS - 5 pounds gone!!!!  We do not have a scale in our RV - no room - :>) but having been down to 150 a while back and then settling in at 155, I would guess I had gotten up to 160 - 162 and now back down to about 155 - my ideal weight - the one I feel best at.

We don't eat a lot - normally a 6oz low fat yogurt for breakfast - a sandwich for lunch and a lite supper.
So once in a while 4 or 5 fish tacos is a treat!!!

Well- take care my friends - tomorrow to the beach for us!

JR   :>)